We are all about TRAILS.

Magic Valley Trail Enhancement Committee (MaVTEC) was formed in 2006 with a goal of providing our community an opportunity for a healthy, safe, relaxing, and enjoyable place to run, walk and bike.  MaVTEC is a grass-roots group of passionate community members focused on acquiring, adjoining and updating the trail systems in the Magic Valley. We have evolved to become the prominent force in both paved and dirt trail connection, maintenance, and planning.  MaVTEC is your source for local trail information and your VOICE.

We work and partner with city and county agencies in securing funds and connecting safe trails for everyone and allowing residents and tourists alike to better enjoy time spent outside.

We are also involved in numerous charity fundraisers and projects.  By you participating in our events, you are helping make these trails happen in our community.

We are a non-profit 501-C3 organization under Twin Falls Community Foundation.  MaVTEC is run by a dedicated, highly passionate and motivated group of volunteers to provide community members a supportive network for trail users.

Our Board

Jaime Tigue, director and founder

As a runner and health advocate, I am passionate about spreading the benefits and enjoyment of what fitness and wellness can bring to your life. Being a part of MaVTEC has helped me feel connected to a community that I love and in a small way to help spread the joy of our amazing outdoor life to get people moving and active. MaVTEC is rewarding in so many ways!

Jeff Martin, board member

I love walking, hiking and running on trails. The more remote the merrier. MaVTEC has helped connect urban trails, which gives me a chance to train in town without traffic. And the views from our local trail are hard to beat!

Cindy Collins, board member

I enjoy many outdoor activities such as walking, hiking, biking and golfing. Living in this amazing community is a blessing and I love being a part of MaVTEC and supporting the trails. The canyon rim trail connection project was an exciting day for Twin Falls and an awesome way for families to spend quality time together staying healthy.

Mark Alexander, board member

I am an avid cyclist, skier, runner, and outdoor man. I’ve been involved in the community for many years, serving on MaVTEC board has been a joy along with serving on the Twin Falls County Parks and Waterway board for 13 years and currently serving on the Twin Falls County Noxious Weed and Invasive Species board for the past 5 years.

Denise Alexander, board member

I’m a native Idahoan and I love the outdoors and all the friendships that I have made here in the Magic Valley. Bicycling is one of my true passion and I love seeing people out enjoying it as much as I do. I love serving the community by giving my time promoting all of the same passions that I have. I am grateful for this community and all the things it has to offer.

Michelle Martin, board member

I love being part of MaVTEC! It makes me feel like we’re contributing something amazing to the magic of our valley and the well-being of our citizens and the community we all love.

Shelley McEuen, board member

I’m an Idaho girl who loves being outside, whether its on a bike, cross country skis, or running.  The outdoor opportunities here in Twin Falls are tremendous, and the trails in our community are one of our greatest assets. Being a part of the MaVTEC Board has been a great joy as we work together to promote ongoing opportunities for wellness for all those living in our community.